How To Purchase

We appreciate your interest in purchasing one or more of our inventory items.

We invite you to contact us to discuss the terms of your purchase, ask any questions you may have and, if you have decided to purchase, to make arrangements for packing, shipping, payment and other details.  We also are happy to have a video call session with you so that we may show you the items you are interested in while we comment on them and answer your questions.  You may do any of that by calling us either at 972-768-9272 or 214-377-8014, or by emailing us at .

Antique items are generally one of a kind and always precious.  Many times you have a number of questions before making a decision to purchase.  You may wish to see additional images and/or get more precise measurements.  You may want more detail about the history and provenance of the item, if known, than can be presented on our web site.  You may wish to see the item or items via a video call.  You may need to put a “Hold” on our item to give you an opportunity to determine how the item fits into your overall design scheme and décor of your, or your client’s, home or business.

Payment Terms

If you make your purchase through our Shopping Cart, you will be asked to pay by major credit or debit card and to enter your credit or debit card information.

If you make your purchase through telephonic or email communication with us, we will send an invoice via email to you in U. S. dollars.  Payment must be made either by check or wire transfer or, if you prefer, by major credit or debit card.  All wire transfer fees and bank charges are to be paid by you.  On any check or wire transfer payments, be sure to note our invoice number so that we may properly credit your payment to our account.

Packing and Shipping

We will release the purchased items for packing and shipment to you as soon as your payment has cleared and been deposited to our account.

Whether you purchase through our Shopping Cart or via telephone or email, you must make your own arrangements for packing and shipping and advise us of those arrangements.  We do not recommend any shippers in particular but, for U.S. domestic deliveries, we can provide a list of shippers who collect from us regularly and with whom our patrons have had good experience.  We stand ready to assist you in any manner we reasonably can so that your items will arrive to you in the same condition as they left us.

We sell our items FOB Collect* our store in Dallas.  You are responsible for arranging and paying for the shipping of items that you purchase from us, as well as the safe packing of the items for shipment and any insurance against damage.  You should advise your shipper of these requirements and the shipper should arrive prepared with appropriate packing containers and accessories.

We, of course, will assist your shipper in packing and loading the items but please be advised that our assistance is a complementary service and does not shift responsibility for any damage to or loss of the item in the packing and shipping process.  We will take pictures of the items prior to packing and shipping in order to assist you if your shipper denies responsibility for damage while in its care.


We understand that it is hard to purchase an antique item from photo images without having seen it in situ, so we encourage you to visit and personally look at and inspect it, touch it, sit on it, open and close its drawers, and satisfy yourself that its perfect for you.

We have a proud record of standing by the accuracy of our descriptions of all of our items, including our assessment of its condition, period and style and, when known, its provenance and origin.

If you receive any item from us that has been inaccurately described, please notify us immediately and we will work hard to resolve any issues with you, including a return of the item for full credit against your purchase price if we were inaccurate in any significant way in our description of the item.   Please be advised that this does not include a desire to return the item because it was damaged in shipment, or that you have changed your mind about it.

*Free on Board (FOB) is a shipment term used to indicate whether the seller or the buyer is liable for goods that are damaged or destroyed during shipping. FOB Collect indicates that the buyer pays for freight and shipping costs and assumes full responsibility for the cargo from the time it is picked up at our location.



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